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Fencing Companies Markham
1. What different kinds of fencing material do you offer?
Interlink Fence has an extensive array of fencing products that include wrought iron, steel, chain link, vinyl or pvc, and aluminum. Wrought iron is a decorative and sturdy fencing material. Steel closely resembles wrought iron and is also ornamental in design. Chain link fencing is best for more security and can be coated with vinyl or galvanized. Chain link fencing also has plastic slats that are inserted for privacy. Aluminum fencing is also similar to wrought iron while costing less and being less heavy.

2. What type fence to have for my pet outside but will not obstruct my view?

One of the best options would be a chain link fence with a vinyl fabric coating.

3. What information do I give a contractor to build a fence for me?
Building a fence with a contractor requires knowledge of the purpose, location, budget, and the kinds of design features you want for your fence. How tall do you want it to be?   What kind of material should it be made of?   How long will it be?    What is the space that it will be enclosing or separating?   Do you want any customized features or accessories?

4. What is a good fence for a home with children?
Vinyl fencing is a good option because it looks good and requires little maintenance, apart from occasional hosing down with water and soap. Wood picket fences, once the most popular kind of fencing for residences, have decreased in use mainly because of maintenance reasons. However, if you prefer a wooden picket fence, just be sure to have it coated with a natural finish and a waterproof seal for protection.

5. My wrought iron fence is beginning to rust. What do I do?
You can restore shine and remove rust by using automotive wax. However, in some cases, you may need to replace parts or the entire fencing. Call Interlink Fence to address your specific needs.

6. I have animals in my garden. What fence can I get to keep them out?

Chain link fencing is recommended for keeping out larger animals. However, smaller animals like prairie dogs and moles can still find their way into your yard and biological deterrents are probably more successful in keeping them out.

7. How long does fencing last?
Fencing can last for a very long time when well maintained. Fences are affected greatly by the weather, soil conditions, the materials they are made of, and wear and tear. Call us to find out the best fencing solution for your property.

8. How do I choose a good contractor?
While Interlink Fence does not provide recommendations for contractors, we do offer the following suggestions.

a. Request two customer references.
b. Find out how familiar they are with local building codes in your area.
c. Find out if they are insured for damages and injuries that they acquire while     working.
d. Request a signed estimate for all expenses.
e. Shop around and talk to a few contractors to get the best deal.

Fencing Companies Markham
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